Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

       So im really stoked to get an email from my family this week! . . . . haha! just kiddin its all good :) Hows everything going in utah! is it gettin hot yet? because it sure is flipin hot down here haha but i love it! so i got that picture of the rat in my taco from chase, and me and my companion laughed pretty hard! that taco had like 5 or 6 parts of a habanero pepper in it! it was really hot, i think i would of rather eaten the rat! that toco gave me a life lesson, to never, ever, EVER challenge a mexican to a pepper eating contest EVER again haha! because Asael totally kicked my trash! So this week we got some pretty sad news in coatzintla, Elder Meraz is leaving and going to a different part of the mission, he leaves tomorrow morning. Its hard seeing him go because he has been an awesome companion for the last 3 months. I was told my new companion is another mexicano, but i dont know anything else about him. Its going to be a little harder to not have anyone to speak english to haha but i will probably learn faster this way :) This week went really good for us, we had alot of time to visit our converts and find alot more people to teach. We also had another baptism!! His name is Luis Fernando, he is a 12 year old boy that we found about 3 weeks ago. His parents arent members but he has an aunt that is an active member of our ward, so through her, we found Luis Fernando. His baptism was really special, i got to baptize him. He has so much faith that his mom will eventually join the church, i bet before i leave coatzintla, we will baptize her. Well i love and miss you all alot, i will write you next week at this same time!
                                                                                      Elder Snow
    Elder Meraz and I after a zone conference.
    Azael and I in a store on P Day
    Me and two cows walking down a road
    Before the baptism of Luis Fernando
    Luis and I in the pila

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