Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    im so sorry . . . but i dont have a lot of time to write this week :( im getting used to a few new things i have to do every week now with my hour when i write, i have to give a report email of the Zone to President Treviño and today it took me longer than i expected, but next week i promise i will have more time :) My new area is called Majisterio, its huge! i feel like im in utah again haha my compañero is awesome, he´s from Arizona, Elder Farnsworth. We baptized a lady named Silvia this week, i wont be able to send you a picture because the computer im on i cant plug in my USB because the thing doesnt work but i will send you one next week.
    The suitcases i have are amazing, i recommend them, dont buy your shirts or pants at missionary mall, go to mr mac, i like the ones my compañeros have from there better.
    sorry i couldnt write that much, i will give you a full report next week :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!
            Elder Snow

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