Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey Everybody!!
    TELL ALLIE CONGRATS FROM ME!!! that's awesome that she won that! Did Chris win it too? Well this week for us went really great, its pretty fun being a zone leader, i think I'm starting to get the hang of it. That picture i sent you is of our zone but two of the compañionships arent in there. We get to still work in our area a whole lot, but i get to travel a whole lot more than i did when i was district leader. We have only given 1 actual Zone class, that one was about two weeks ago, i got to talk for about 20 minutes about how important it is as missionaries to work everyday diligently and strive to complete what we call the standards of the mission (numbers of lessons we taught for the week and stuff like that) so we can complete our objective as missionaries and baptize every week (mission goal). We are going to have another Zone class tomorrow, since i got made a district leader im starting to like teaching more and more, i dont get so nervous about it anymore.
     In that other picture i sent you my companion and i are with the ward mission leader, Hermano Ramirez, he´s awesome! he helps us out a ton! We had the baptism of sister Silvia last week, she´s a little sweet old lady that has been coming to church for a while now and that has finally recieved her own testimony that the book of mormon is true, it was really cool seeing her get baptized and hearing that testimony. Next week we will be baptizing an 18 year old girl named Karla, her mom got baptized last month and now she has made the decision to get baptized as well. its cool teaching her because she speaks almost fluent english, it's a lot harder for me to teach in english haha i dont know what im gonna do when i get home . . . . Thanks for all your support, i miss you and love you all a ton, talk to ya next week!

      Elder Snow

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