Monday, May 13, 2013

What we found in our apartment

   So last night was awesome talking to all of you, thats the last time we are all going to talk for 6 months, and the next time i talk to chase he will be in Ukraine and i will be home, thats crazy! time flies.
    When me and my companion got home last night after talking to you all, we found a baby tarantula in our house, thats the first one i've seen in this house i'm in right now since i got here, and if we found one, that means theres bound to me more haha i just got a little more excited for transfers.
     Those pictures from New York are awesome! me (and the members here in Piedras Negras) would do anything to get to go there someday, you all are truly blessed to have gotten to go there.
     Ok well i gotta run, i will write you next week from the port of Veracruz! I LOVE YOU ALL A TON!!
                       Elder Snow

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