Monday, May 21, 2012

Hey Everybody!
     I cant believe its monday again already! the time is starting to go by really fast here, its starting to scare me a little haha. Thats awesome that you all ran into Joey! im sorry to hear that his dad passed away . . . he bought a car from young chev and i got to know him a little bit, he was a really good guy. Well im glad to hear that Joey is doing good. This week we almost had a baptism! Our investigator named Pedro accepted baptism for the 19 of May but two days before his baptism date he said he needs more time to think about things before he is baptized . . . it was a pretty big bummer . . . We were pretty sure that he was dropping the church. We fasted and prayed a flippin ton so he would recieve another answer that this church is true, and that he would come to church, and guess what . . . HE SHOWED UP AT CHURCH!!! he told us that he had a dream about the church, and that he knows this church is true, he accepted baptism for this week!!! His baptism is going to be on saturday, and this time its for sure! Before i came out here to mexico, i didnt have a very big testimony of fasting. But in these past 5 months i´ve learned that the Lord answers prayers alot faster when we give up something, or make a sacrifice. Well i gotta run, i will send you the pictures of his baptism next week! ANIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                      Elder Snow

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