Thursday, May 10, 2012

      Hey everyone hows it going! Your pictures of new york and san diego look pretty awesome! Grace, Kate and Karly look older now, that means ive been gone a while. This week has been one of the coolest weeks of my life! It was really hard to leave Coatzintla . . . definitely harder then i thought it would be, Honestly i felt like i was leaving my family again! The members of that small ward in Coatzintla i will never forget. Catemaco is definitely one of the coolest places ive seen. Its a pretty big city, but when we arent in the city, i really do feel like im in a jungle haha! there are a ton of hills and trees that are HUGE!! theres alot of water and waterfalls here too, i havent seen any of them yet but ive heard that they are pretty cool. The movie Apocalipto (i dont know how to say it in english) was filmed here really close, like 10 minutes from Catemaco, Rent it and tell me what you think, cause i havent seen it.
      The people here are alot more poor and alot more humble then in Coatzintla. Here in Catemaco, we have a Rama ( its like a ward but alot smaller ), the president of the Rama is a convert of 1 year and 2 months, and the average number of people in church each sunday is about 45 to 50 people. Lets just say its alot diferent than Utah haha! My new companions name is Elder Ramirez, hes from Guadalajara!! Hes a really hard working missionary but also hes a BLAST to be around! Im looking forward to these next few months working with him.
      Alright well on thursday we have EL DIA DE LA MADRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know what day mothers day is in the united states to be honest, but here in mexico its on thursday :) i will call you on skype at 5:00 pm my time (i dont know what time that is in Utah, but i think dad can figure it out:) im way excited to talk to all of you!!! i will see you on thursday!!
                           Elder Snow

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