Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Miracle

Hey Everybody!!
      Whats up family! Hey i hope you all get this email, the internet that im on right now isnt working really good, but i have some fantastic news! THE PACKAGE YOU SENT ME IS ON ITS WAY TO CATEMACO!!!! My Zone Leaders told me that they have two packages for me, a big one and a small one, that they will be bringing to my house tomorrow! i figured mom would be happy to hear that :) so im glad to hear that things are going good up there at the house, when Drew comes down to visit, tell him to email me, because i lost his email haha! Well remember about the investigator i told you about named Pedro? well we had an amazing experience happen with him and his family this week that i want to share with you all. The day before his baptism, my companion and i went to go visit Pedro on Friday, to answer any last questions of his that he had before his baptism. When we were there, his wife looked pretty sick, like she had a cold or something. About 10 minutes into our lesson with Pedro and her, she left and walked into her house to get something. About 5 minutes later, Pedro's son came yelling for Pedro to come inside, because his mom was crying. Pedro went inside for about 10 seconds, and came back out saying that his wife had passed out and that he needed our help. We walked inside and Pedro's wife was on the floor, eyes closed, breathing really really hard, sweating a ton, and shaking a little, it kind of looked like she was having a seizure (i dont know how to spell that). she wasnt responding to anything we were saying to her, and Pedro was freaking out. So me and my companion did the only thing that we knew how to do . . . as fast as we could, we explained what a priesthood blessing was to Pedro, we put a little oil on her head, and we gave her a blessing. I annointed the oil, and then my companion sealed it, and gave her the blessing. In the blessing, my companion said these words ¨we bless you that after this blessing you will stop shaking, open your eyes, and stand, to receive a testimony of the power of the priesthood.¨ When my companion finished the blessing i watched Pedro's wife's breathing slow down, about 5 seconds later she opened her eyes, and then with a little help from us, she stood up!!!!! In the moment, i was so focused on her being alright that i didnt realize that i had seen a miracle. But after we finished our lesson and left, it dawned on me and my companion the we just witnessed a miracle. That was probably one of the coolest experiences of my mission so far. After Pedro's baptism on saturday, and his confirmation on sunday, His wife told us that she is thinking about joining the church also, so in about 3 weeks, she will probably be getting baptized too :) Well i gotta go, we have another investigator named Nora that will be getting baptized this saturday, i will send photos next week! I love you and miss you all a TON!!!!!!!
                                                     with love, Elder Snow

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