Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012

Hey Everybody!!        It was AWESOME to talk to you all yesterday!! i went a little over time though . . . but its alright i repented ;) i couldn't believe how fast the time went by! After i hung up the phone i kept thinking of stuff that i wanted to tell all of you but there just wasn't enough time haha! i guess i will have to wait till i get home to tell you about everything that is going on down here.         This week i had the greatest opportunity to eat a fish! but not like we eat fish in utah, we ate almost EVERYTHING of the fish, the body, the tail, the guts, the head, the eyes . . . pretty much everything but the bones! and to be honest, those were the best 3 fish i have ever eaten in my life! The people down here are really different, they are alot different then the people in Poza Rica, The people are alot more humble and really dont have alot of money. We are teaching a man right now named Pedro, he has a wife and two kids, he cuts hair for a living because there isnt any other work for him, and him and his family live off of about 120 to 160 pesos a day. He has alot of faith that through this gospel his life for his family will get better. Its pretty humbling for me, to see how alot of these people live, but its amazing when they accept the message of the gospel in their lives.   So alot of the pictures i sent you are of a waterfall about 20 minutes from my area that we went to about 3 hours ago. Its called Salto de Eyipantla. Its nothing compared to the waterfalls in Yosemite, but its pretty cool because its in a really jungly area. Its the same waterfall from the movie Apocalipto. i heard that its a pretty sweet movie from the people down here, dad should rent it so you all can see my area :)        Alright well i gotta run, i will write you next week!                                                            with love, Elder Snow

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