Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Family,
     Hey everybody hows it going!! WASNT CONFERENCE GREAT!!!! I cant believe how dumb of a kid i was before the mission- never appreciating(i cant remember how to spell that) conference. Last week i think i got more excited to see it than a kid right before christmas haha. It honestly is incredible that we can hear from a living prophet of God and Apostles of Jesus Christ like that every 6 months. So youre packing up the house getting ready to have a garage sale, thats exciting! Dont forget that i´ve got a big box with alot of my stuff in it in the garage (which i expect has not been opened), please dont sell that one haha
      Well this week went amazing, one of the most memorable weeks i´ve had. Getting a new companion and teaching him to be a missionary is probably the coolest thing we get to do as missionaries. i love to train because i think i end up learning more than the newby does haha His name is Elder Araneda from General Roca, Argentina (i´ve always wanted an argentinian companion) i asked him if he knew about an Elder Snow that served in argentina about 20 years ago, he said he will ask his parents. This week we also had a BAUTI-DISTRITO!!!! the other Elders in our district (Elder Morris and Elder Capson in Mixtequilla) and us in Piedras Negras had a baptism service together this week, it turned out great! We baptized an 18 year old youth named Lucy and a 10 year old little girl named Sadia, it was one of the most spiritual baptism services i´ve seen out here, one of the reasons for that is because we got to have the baptism service in between the general conference sessions on sunday. That chapel was filled with the spirit.
      It really is an amazing experience to be a missionary and see first hand conversions of these amazing mexican people whom i love so much. The mission is hard dont get me wrong, but when you get to see someone stepping down into the baptism font with a smile on their face, all the tough times you go through are all worth it. Alright well i gotta go, I love you and miss you all a ton! see you next week!
           Elder Snow

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