Monday, April 1, 2013

      On thursday morning when the President Treviño told me that Chase got called to Ukraine i just about dropped the phone!!! FELICIDADES CHASE THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! President Treviño was way excited to hear this too because he was in the MTC with Chases Mission President, he´s Mexican, i was praying pretty hard that Chase would get called to Mexico, so the lord answered my prayer in giving him a Mexican mission president haha! I CANT BELIEVE CHASE IS LEAVING!!!! i feel super old. I heard that the Russian language is super duper hard, you should take chase down to USA Gymnastics gym so he can talk with Yuri so he can hear a native speaker speak it. Thanks for sending me the video! its awesome!
    As for us this week things went great! this week we are going to have transfers, Elder Chamberlain is leaving Piedras Negras and going to a place called Tlacotalpan and the mission president called me on friday again asking me to train another new missionary! Tomorrow i will be headed down to Veracruz to pick up the greeny ;) Right now we are working with an inactive family that got baptized here in Piedras Negras about 8 years ago, but then left here and migrated to the United States, and guess where they went to . . . good old Layton Utah! They were living there for about 3 years and then came back to mexico and have been inactive ever since. We have been working with this family for about 2 weeks now, they went to church last sunday, and their daughter Sadia will be getting baptized this sunday :)
     Well im way excited that chase got his mission call, but im a little sad that i wont see him for almost 4 years, This is almost exactly what happened to Dad and Mike right? Try to find a book of mormon in Russian so that chase can start reading! I love you all a ton i will write you next week!
                                           With love, Elder Snow

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