Monday, April 29, 2013

" EL DIA DE niño" the coolest holiday ever created,

Hey everybody!
   Hey how did the move go? how did you get everything over there? Did you sell the house to members of the church? if not send the missionaries over there haha
   Well this week we didnt have the blessing of baptizing Ana and Angel, they are way excited and everything, they come to church every sunday now by themselves and are reading the book of mormon together and everything, but their mom still wont let them get baptized, we have talked with her and everything but she wont give in, we dont know why. Looks like they will have to be miembros secos (dry members) for a while haha.
   This week went great, we had a mission activity with our branch to celebrate el dia de niño, the coolest holiday ever created, this is exactly why Mexico is way cooler then the US, i cant believe i missed out on this my whole life haha we bought 3 piñatas and a whole bunch of candy, we had a campfire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, the members loved it!
    This week went by really fast, i cant believe i have 18 months out here! In a little less than two weeks we will be able to talk on the phone for mothers day, but im not sure i will be able to do it on skype, next week i will send you the phone number you will need to call, i love and miss you all a ton! see you next week!
                         Elder Snow 

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