Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey everybody!
       Hey hows it going- its me again, I hope everything goes well with the move! hey i sent a letter home about a month ago, it should be getting there soon. Its great to hear that chaz and mckenna and their family are doing well, tell them i love and miss them a ton!
       Elder Araneda and I this week had some great experiences, There's a lady in our ward named Carmen that had her birthday this week on wednesday, since i´ve gotten here to Piedras Negras, Sister Carmen really has helped me and my conpanions out a ton, she feeds up, lets us use her washing machine, gives us referencias, shes like our missionary mom of the area. something funny that happened to us this week was on friday the wind started to blow a ton! we had to cut off some branches of some trees that were banging against our neighbors house, so we spent like the whole morning climing trees with machetes cuting off branches, i had a blast haha
      We had a few things happen this week in our area that we didnt expect. Right now we are working with 2 youth named Ana Karen and Angel, they have been going to church for the past 4 or 5 weeks and really want to get baptized, but their mom is a little nervous about giving them permission because of some bad things she´s heard about our church (she thinks we worship a dozen golden cows when we go to the temple haha). Last week we were really close to getting permission from their mom but then their mom got really sick to her stomach and had to take her to Veracruz, she had her appendix taken out and now she´s really sick in bed, so last week thats why she didnt let them get baptized, but im pretty sure this week they will get permision :) We are also teaching a woman that has breast cancer, she is going through cemo- therapy right now, its way hard for her, but she tells us that she feels like her faith is growing right now more then ever, so if she feels good enough and starts to come to church with us, im positive that she´ll get baptized.
       Well thats all i´ve got to report today, i hope everything goes good this week in the move, when is chase going to go to the temple? When does Braxton leave for Mexico? ok well i gotta go i love you all and miss you all a ton! We are looking for someone that has skype here so we can talk on mothers day but so far we havent had any luck, i will let you know if i find someone :) adios
                                      love, Elder Snow

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