Friday, December 23, 2011

         How is everyone doing! I hope things are going well at home! The MTC has been great, we are learning a ton and getting ready to get out to the field and spread the word. This week has been crazy! In a good way! So earlyer on this week, we were told that the church has been having a difficult time getting missionaries to mexico because visas are hard to get right now. Me and my district were getting pretty scared because it is about 5 days before we are supposed to leave and we have no visas or flight plans to get to mexico.
We went to the travel office on Saturday and they told us that missionaries going to mexico right now have to leave the MTC and go talk to a mexican consolit in either salt lake, boise, or las vegas in order to get our visas. We were told that if they had room to send us to one of those three places then they would, but if they couldn't fit us in, then we would either be getting re assined to a different mission in the states for a while, or we would have to stay in the MTC longer. We have been praying like crazy that we would be chosen to go talk to one of the mexican consolets. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!!! Today me and the 6 other elders from my district got called down to the travel office and they told us that we will be flying to Boise tomorrow at 5 in the morning to talk with them and get our visas! WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! So we will probably be leaving on time, but since we still dont have our flight plans for mexico yet, we dont know exactly what day we will be leaving. So im not sure what day i will be calling you yet, but be expecting a call from me next week some time :)
         Mom, thank you so much for the package you sent me! Me and my district have so much candy in our room its crazy! Im pretty sure i've got everything i need. I hope your doing better! Me and my companion pray for you. Thank you for being amazing! So is everyone going over to grandma and grandpas house for christmas again this year? I hope you all have fun! And by the way, grandpa sent me his christmas letter, and in my defence, I AM NOT IN ANY WAY MISSING MY CELL PHONE!!!!!! haha! me and my companion read that and both laughed pretty hard, tell him he is pretty funny. Alright well i've gotta go, I hope you all have a merry christmas! probably the next email you get from me will be from mexico. I love and miss you all!
                                                                                                                     Elder Snow
         And by the way, if dad happends to be at the salt lake airport tomorrow at like 6 or 7 in the morning, tell him to look for some missionaries bound for Boise :) Nos vemos!

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