Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey Family!!

              Things have been going extra awesome this week! You will never guess what happend. My zone here at the MTC has 34 missionaries in it. Our Zone Leaders were two elders going to Argentina. They left on monday with a few other elders for there missions, and our branch president met with me and my companion Elder Larsen and asked us to serve and be Zone Leaders. So this week has been extremely busy! We have a million things to do and so little time during the day! We had a new district of about 10 new elders enter our zone on wednesday, so we have a total of 31 elders and 3 sisters. At first i was pretty nervous about being a Zone Leader cause they have so much stuff to do and it looked pretty hard. But after a few days ive realized its not so bad, its actually really fun! Spanish is going well. Its still really hard but im learning alot. Last week i was talking to my branch president and he told us that our objective for our mission is not to learn spanish, its about preaching the gospel. The only reason we are learning spanish is because it will help us to teach the gospel. So if we are doing the things we are suppossed to be doing, then we will be blessed with the language. After he said that, it made me feel so much better! But anyways, things here are going great. Christmas here is going to be awesome! Another apostle will probably be here again soon so we are way excited for that! I hope things are going great back home, i really miss you guys!  Thanks for all of your awesome letters everyone! letters are like gold here at the MTC. Alright well i gotta run, i love you all!
                                               Elder Snow

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