Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 16, 2012

     You have no idea how happy i was to get your emails today!! I was getting worried something was wrong at home or something, is your computer not working right or is it your internet? because i thought our mac was invincible haha! im glad to hear that things are going well at home! thats awesome that all of you finished the book of mormon so fast!! it has been one of my favorite parts of the day in my personal study to read and study that book. When i was at home, i barely even read it! i finished it once at home and i didnt even really study it. It has been a real blessing to be able to read and study that book for the past 5 months, it has completely changed my life. So this week here was really great! for the first time in almost 6 months, I FEEL LIKE I CAN SPEAK SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these past 4 weeks with my new companion have been great because i feel like im forgetting english. When i talk to people, i can pretty much understand most of the words they are saying, and i can respond with my feelings and thoughts without struggling to much. IM A MEXICAN!!!!!!!!!!
      So Azael told you that my companion is a soccer player? no . . . even better, he is a runner! and he is flippin fast haha before he left on the mission he was running to represent mexico in some huge competitions. He was also sponsored by poweraid haha lets just say if he would not have left on the mission, he would probably be running in the olympics. Elder Garcia makes me look like im fat when we run in the morning haha i grew up at 5,000 feet and im running at sea level and he still kicks my trash! its very humbling haha
      Elder Garcia and i are working really hard here to baptize every week (the goal of the mission). we have baptized for 6 weeks in a row and we have schedueld baptisms for the next two weeks :) The work here in Coatzintla is great!! the reason we are having so much success here is because our ward is so flippin awesome!! we have referencias (i cant remember how to say that in english) out the WAZOO! its a blast. Its hard though, really hard. We eat, sleep, dream, study, walk, work, and sweat the needs of our investigators. Its great to see peoples lives changing!! Like i said in other emails, there are seriously miracles happening in mexico, and i am so blessed to be a part of it. For some reason over this past week, i was thinking about Scott Bradshaw. You NEED to give his name to the missionaries again, and chase, you need to go on splits with the missionaries when they go to teach him. Because if me and my companion were serving in Layton Utah right now, we would go to his house, teach him, and have him baptized in less then 3 weeks. Write me next week about his progress :)
      Well i gotta go, i will write you next week at around this same time, OH YEAH! and tell Peyton i love him, and that if he climbs Kili without me, ill kill him haha
                                                       Elder Snow

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