Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday April 2, 2012

      Sorry about last week, i couldnt write you because we had so much stuff to do and i had like 5 min on the computer, but i have a full hour today so its all good! So i got a new companion! His name is Elder Garcia! Hes awesome!!, and yes, he is a native that speaks no english . . . im not going to lie, its pretty hard haha right now my spanish is alright i think, i can mostly understand what people are talking about, and i can respond alright, but i still have a long way before i am totally fluent. But i will get there :) These past two weeks have been really good! Elder Garcia is probably one of the hardest working people i have ever met! he definatly knows how to be a great missionary,hes a great example to me. We had 3 baptisms in the past 2 weeks, Coatzintla has alot of people ready to hear the gospel. There names are Daniela, Juan Carlos, and Miguel. Daniela is 13 and Juan Carlos is 9, they are brother and sister. Miguel is 16 and has two members in his family. It really is a blast teaching out here!!
      So over the past few week, i have spent some time thinking about things that i am thankful for. As missionaries, we help people with there problems, and especially here in mexico, alot of people here have some really hard problems. it gets kinda depressing at times, to see all of the stuff people have to go through, whether it is there fault of not. A few days ago, i started to think about alot of the things that i have, that so so so many people in the world dont have. I was raised in a home where we always had food to eat, with a father that has a good job where he can support our family. I was raised with a mom that has supported me in everything that i have had going on in my life. I have a father who has kept himself worthy to hold the prieshood in my home (you wont ever know how thankful i am for that), and pretty much every single member of my family is a member of the church, and i am sealed to them in the temple. So many things like this have been coming to mind in the past 3 months that i have never really pondered on before. I want to say im sorry, for being such a spoiled flippin brat when i was living at home haha, i have had so many blessings in my life that i havent really recognized till now, and i am so greatful to have all of you as my family.
        Now i really dont like sappy emails haha but i just had to say all that. I hope everything is going well at home, i love you all and miss you all a ton! i will write you next week!!
                           Elder Snow

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