Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey family!!
       Hey everybody hows it going! I hope everything is going well up in utah, things in mexico are going pretty well :) we did have a little trouble with our house this week though . . . when i woke up on wednesday i found a bunch of magets all over our floor . . . like 200 of them . . . OUR HOUSE ISNT EVEN DIRTY, WE CLEAN IT EVERY MORNING!! i have no idea how that happened but Elder Garcia said that its normal here in mexico . . . so mom, dont freak out haha! it rained a TON yesterday, it was great! i love it when it rains here because its kind of a warm rain haha its great! well we are still working pretty hard here, there are lots of people that want to hear our message. We had another baptism this week!! he is a 21 year old guy named Isain. on the mission, we are always looking for people that we call ''the chosen ones'', people that are really ready to hear the gospel, and Isain is one of those people. We found him because about 7 or 8 weeks ago, a family in our ward brought him to church, he really liked it and wanted to learn more. We could only teach him lessons on sundays and sometimes monday because his work schedule is really messed up. It is SOOO cool seeing people change to become closer to christ. Isain had some trouble with smoking and drinking, but he has dropped all of that to join the church. Well i gotta go, we have an interview with one of our investigators and our district leader to see if she is ready to be baptized! her name is Kastelly, her baptism is tomorrow!!! anyways, I will talk to you later! I havent gotten an email from any of you in 2 weeks, its probably just MyLDSMail is having problems or something, but when you have time, please write me :) ADIOS!!!!!!!!!
                Elder Snow
                               Elder Snow

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