Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Hey everybody! Whats up up there in Utah! I got that picture of grace, she looks so much bigger!! her hair is longer and everything! That was really cool to see, can you send me more pictures of the family? after seeing grace i want more pictures haha! CASSIDY IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!! Holy cow time is flying by fast!! Well tell her felizidades from Elder Snow! I need to do better at writing my friends letters, im so bad at that! we have so much to do here that alot of the time i forget, but i will do better :) So mom, here are some answers to your questions,

1. Yes we are allowed to Skype, but we need to set it up with some members in their house, I will let you know more as we get closer to mothers day.
2. The whole mission gets their mail through the mission office in Veracruz, the Zone Leaders pick up the mail about once a month for the missionaries of every Zone because the mission is so big there is nobody else to take the mail to us. Alot of the time mail just sits in the mission office until the Zone Leaders have a conference or something, so i bet my package is sitting in Veracruz right now, I will get it the next time the Zone Leaders go down to Veracruz to pick it up :)
3. Right now we have everything we need, but 2 or 3 more white shirts would be nice :)

    This week was good for us, so many things have been happening down here that i just dont have time to write you on the computer!! i will start mailing you written letters so i can give you more details on some really cool things that have been happening. I cant WAIT to talk to you in about 2 weeks!! And tell Allie that i am in the process of writing her a letter :) ADIOS!!!
                                    Elder Snow

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