Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

     Wow . . . it is getting pretty hard to switch my brain to think in english when i start my email, it gets harder and harder every week haha i think im gonna start writing my emails in spanish and dad can just translate haha! Well im happy everything's going good at home for everybody, i bet New York was pretty cool, BUT NOT AS COOL AS MEXICO!!!! Well i have some crazy news, Im being transferred tomorrow!!! its actually really sad, i have been in this area for 4 and a half months, and i have met people and had experiences that i will never EVER forget, but its life, and im being called to another part of the viña del Señor ( i cant remember how to say that in english). Coatzintla (my area right now) is in the northern part of the mission, but now, Im headed south!! The Zone i will be serving in is called Los Tuxtlas, probably the most loved zone of the whole mission. Missionaries love Los Tuxtlas because it has a TON of vegitation (its the jungle) and because the people there are really humble (its one of the poorest places of all of Veracruz). The area i will be serving in with my new companion is called Catemaco. Catemaco is a very well known area . . . for alot of the stuff that happens there, i will just leave it at that. I am really excited to start working in this new area!! i will be compañero mayor working with another mexican missionary that cant speak english :) i really think in 3 months time, i will forget english completely haha!
      So Elder Garcia and i had another baptism this week! We baptized a 10 year old boy named Luis. His baptism was so so cool, i will never forget it. Luis lives with his grandparents and his parents, they are all members but everyone in his family is inactive and has been inactive for about 10 years, that's why luis was never baptized. So what we did was we started meeting with their family about 4 weeks ago, to get them to go to church and to start reading the book of mormon and praying again. Luis is only 10, but he is the smartest 10 year old kid i have ever met. He accepted baptism, and because he accepted baptism, his family has completely changed. They are coming to church, reading the book of mormon as a family, and praying. When i had my final goodbyes with Luis yesterday, He told me that he KNOWS that this church is true, he also told me that he wants and will serve a mission! He is only about the age of Karly, but i believe with all of my heart that he will serve a mission.
      I am so blessed to have served in this area for these short months, and i CANT WAIT till i get to come back after i have finished this mission. I am also really excited to talk to you all in about a week! i will let you know what time i will be calling you next week in my letter. But in your letters this week, please send me your skype information so i will have it, Thanks!
                                                             with love, Elder Snow

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