Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm so happy I got to serve here in Veracruz!


       Hey im way happy to hear that everything went well with steffi´s wedding, i wish i could have been there with all of you. This week for us went really well, we have been finding alot more people to teach, here in San Andres Tuxtla there are alot of people who love to hear a message about God and Jesus Christ with their family in their house so we have been teaching alot right now, but there are very few that end up coming to church with us on sunday, thats the tough part, getting them actually converted. 

       We had a really spiritual week though, we had Zone Conferences this week with President Treviño. In all the Zone Conferences they show a video about the Elders that are about to leave for home, they have a video of us getting to the airport for the first time in mexico and stuff like that, and then we had the chance to bear our testimonies for the last time in a zone conference, it got to be so spiritual in there for me, im so happy i got to serve here in Veracruz, the hardest and most challenging moments of my life i´ve had here, but also the best and happiest moments i´ve had in my entire life have happened to me out here too, and thats why its so hard to leave, i really do love it here. 

       Today i had my 2nd to last p day, and you will never guess what we did for a zone activity . . . we took them hiking up a hill that looks out over San Andres haha the view was great, if you guys are still thinking about coming down here when i get back, i will take you on this hike.

       Thanks for sending me chases letter this week, reading his letters makes me want to work super hard until the finish line.

Love, Elder Snow

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