Monday, October 28, 2013

Last e-mail home, thanks for all your letters and support for the past two years, I love you all to death!

Hey everybody!!

     Well its very sad to say that this will be my last email home from mexico in the mission field . . . its not that real to me yet, but im really excited to see you all again. 
      This week it was raining all week, but we still worked our butts off haha my companion had to go to a doctors office because his feet were wet all week and his toes had some problems, but it was worth it because we found alot more people to teach, one of which will be getting baptized the following week. 
      This week we have been teaching a 35 year old lady named Andrea, she´s a lady that's been investigating the church for a long time but hasn't gotten all that excited about getting baptized yet, we have been pushing baptism with her for about a month now, she finally accepted to be baptized next week, i wont be there :( but on friday when we went to teach her, we were right about to finish the lesson when she says "Elder Snow, can i ask you a favor?" i said yes, and then she said "take off your shoes" . . . i was like . . . no haha but then she got serious, "take off your shoes Elder Snow". I didn't know what to say, so i did what she told me, i took off my shoes (the ones i´ve used my whole mission so they are kinda beat up) and then she goes in her room and comes out with a brand new pair of really nice shoes and then told me to put them on! This family is a really humble family, but this is how the mexican members of the church are, if they see someone with a need, they don't think twice about helping you with whatever it is, and especially for the missionaries. 
      I am so humbled to have been able to serve my mission here in Veracruz, i cannot express how much i have loved it here, if the Lord asked me to do it again i would without a second thought to it.
      Hey mom, tell Peyton that i have a two hour layover in Salt Lake, and that i want to see them there! :) i dont know what time exactly i will get there, i think it will be around 6 or 7, but tell them i will be going out to look for them, thanks 
      Well i will see you all soon, thanks for all your letters and support for the past two years, i love you all to death! 

nos veremos pronto, les quiero,

     Elder Snow

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