Monday, October 7, 2013

This week was one of the most spiritual weeks

Hola mama como estas

     Hey im way glad to hear that shannon had her baby!! they are going to catch up to you and dad in kids soon haha hey thanks for the pictures! i used the one of me in i think like 2nd grade without a tooth. 

     This week was one of the most spiritual weeks i think i´ve had out here, we got to do a bunch of stuff, we had our first zone class here on tuesday, we went to a leaders council on wednesday in veracruz, we got to see general conference on saturday and sunday, and today i had the amazing opportunity on p day to go back to Catemaco and see some converts, Pedro and Mariana! they are doing great, they have their temple reccomends to go to the temple and get sealed all signed and ready to go. They just haven't been able to go yet because they don't have the money to get all the way up to veracruz right now, but before i leave Veracruz they will get sealed, they just need a few more weeks to save.

     I got my flight plans this week to go home . . . 31 of October . . . i feel wierd, i dont know whether to be happy or sad about it, happy because i know i completed what i needed to do, but sad because its over. 

     This up coming week we are going to be super busy, keep us in your prayer so we can find a soul here in San Andres Tuxtla to teach and baptize before i leave, i told President Treviño he will not take me out of this mission until we find someone to baptize here haha opening an area is a little hard to get started, but we have faith we can do it.

     Elder Snow

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