Thursday, October 3, 2013

We have warm water here!


    Thanks everybody for the birthday letters, on Friday i got to go from San Andres Tuxtla to Veracruz again to have a leadership conference, it was fun to go up there and get together with alot of my companions that i had before and talk with them. This week was crazy let me tell ya, Here in our new area me and elder Conklin are totally new, we don't know the area, the members, and have zero investigator progressing, but its a pretty nice experience to rely on the spirit to tell us what to do. We found a house to rent and moved all our stuff in on wednesday, its a small brick house kinda by our church, and guess what, we have warm water here! i had forgotten what it feels like to shower early in the morning with warm water, its amazing, what a blessing.This week we have to go back to Veracruz for the months zone leaders council on thursday, we are going to have to travel alot in this next month.
       I hope Chase is excited and ready to go, alot of my companions that know that Chase leaves tomorrow are wishing him luck, is he leaving with anyone or going alone?
       Alright well i gotta go, but hey mom, i need a funny picture of me before the mission, The mission president is asking for before and after pictures of us, could you look for a picture of me when i was in high school, i dont know which, just a funny picture that shows how much of a doornob before haha, could you send me like 4 or 5 pictures of me before the mission like tomorrow so i can give them to the mission office, thanks :)

Elder Snow

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